Hazel's Happenings

☆Outcall & Incall☆

Las Vegas Strip




        Tour USA starts 10th October 

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” Guys, she is one of the best Vegas has to offer and enjoys every minute with you. Don’t miss her if you’re visiting, live here or if she’s coming to a city near you!”

“Pics are definitely her and she has an easy going personality which made initial meeting and visit smooth. She can easily hold a conversation (not shy) and is down to earth”

“As for the juicy stuff, I will just say that she is a willing partner and will absolutely please you in whatever way you would like! Our session was laid back and the perfect end to my time in Vegas.”

Believe Tomorrow Will Be

Better than Today.

Carp’e Diem is My Mantra!

Wild Most Free Spirited that

You Can’t tie me down

(but I have ropes just in case)

but I’LL go along for the ride

& Ill promise you’ll have the

Time of your Life.

Please, Don’t confine Me,

I’m a TRUE Free spirit 

Personal Private Assistant 

Helping anyone get more outta life.

Challenging people out of their comfort levels

 forcing them in a fun way to 

experience new things.

Free to take off to some distant destinations

 at your whim...

Living life like everyone I meet will be a great 

benefit to my life, as I will hopefully be to them!

Looking forward to our rendezvous,

Hugs, Hazel Hayes